From weeks of learning to instant clarity

How we re-designed one of the most advanced sourcing platforms to be understandable for regular office workers.

Coupa offers one of the most sophisticated tools for analyzing data and optimizing allocation, but it could take weeks of training for new users to learn the platform. Our design team collaborated closely with the client and the end users to create a new user experience, flexible enough to support the wide range of features, but still consistent enough to make the system more discoverable, easier to understand and easier to navigate.

The outcome of the holistic and iterative design approach was a complete redesign of the product that makes it dramatically easier to use, without losing the sophisticated expert functionality.

The collaboration with Trade Extensions started in 2015, and continued after the successful acquisition by Coupa in 2017.

“We asked ourselves, how can we design a new version that is not just a product with sophisticated functionality, but a service that makes it easy for customers to run better, more optimized tenders?”

Adam Gardefjord

Interaction Designer at Ocean