Aligning customer experience mapping to elevate patient perspectives

Making patient insights and strategic opportunities visible to a whole organisation through co-created in depth patient journey maps. These maps span across 10 global brands, allowing Shire to uncover overlapping areas of opportunity and efficiently develop new services that meet real patient needs.

Through a series of information gathering and ideation workshops with patients, medical practitioners and Shire employees, we gathered new insight about the patient’s experience. These were visualized through multi layered patient journey maps, which enable Shire to confidently move forward into ideation and development of any new global services or smaller initiatives that make a difference.

“We’ve understood the disease better than ever before through co-working and co-learning"

Shire workshop participant

Shire’s ability to look both at the big picture and the details allowed the depth of this patient journey mapping to surface new questions, how accurately can global patient journey maps incorporate local knowledge—and where does the cross over to localization occur? How are multiple levels of care in a single market recognised and addressed within a journey map?

“Ocean have been core to support and educate our organization about the potential for design thinking to bring solutions to patients that will make a difference to their lives”

Rebecca Joslin,

Head of global customer engagement strategy, Shire

The work encourages and allows teams to leverage comparability between brands, highlight KPIs and identify opportunity spaces on a systemic level. They layout of the maps allows global and local perspectives to be seen at a glance, enabling managers and teams to zoom in and out of market needs adding initiatives as required.



Shire employees have upskilled their co-creation and ideation skills and increased the depth of their patient understanding through participatory workshops