Elsa Science, once born in our haven, gets the first investment from Norrsken’s new fund


The VC part of Norrsken makes their first investment from the new fund in our “sister company” Elsa Science!! Elsa Science was founded by support from us and Sofia Svanteson, and we are thrilled to see the company surge ahead in digital health - guided by design of course.

Sofia Svanteson founded Ocean (formerly known as Ocean Observations) 20 years ago. When she started collaborating with two professors form KI on a project about turning research results into patient enabling tools she saw the potential in this area and could not resist starting up a company to focus on this full time.

”It was a small consultancy project that became so interesting and got so much attention from HCPs, patients and pharma companies. It was too good to leave small scale and not pursue as a start-up" says Sofia who currently is CEO of the company called Elsa Science.

The first product is an app where patients log lifestyle habits, treatments and wellbeing. By comparing this to patient data in scientic research, it is possible to see if the current treatment is working or not. As such enabling a quicker switch from ineffective treatments.

The service is free for patients, and instead sponsored by the Pharma companies linked to number of users on "their" treatment – that does not mean that they have access to patient data.

This is a great example of how one can design and develop digital solutions that cater to multiple stakeholder needs, and relieve healthcare. We believe design plays a fundemantal part in healthcare - both in creating improved care for patients, and enable supporting environments for care providers. Go Elsa!

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