Electrolux uses QuizRR for social sustainability


Electrolux has realized the strength of QuizRR in their sustainability work with suppliers. QuizRR is one of our longest partnerships, and we love being part of the journey in making the world a bit better in new, smart and creative ways.

In their latest Sustainability Report for 2018, Electrolux tells the story of how they use QuizRR's platform. They highlight that it provides for an easy way to learn about good workplace practice, resulting in real impact. The tool is designed to be a playful, engaging learning experience – and an excellent example of using tech and design to meet human needs and change behaviours.

By creating a tool that goes beyond compliance and monitoring, through supporting companies and factories in actual capacity building and change, QuizRR enables business to be role models as well as people to improve their lives. All thanks to a good idea based in solid knowledge of the industry, innovative mindsets, design as a process and a continued focus on development.

Thanks QuizRR for doing amazing stuff and being an awesome client. Read more about our work together here.

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