Ocean’s founder has written a chapter for an anthology of the future of healthcare, launched in Sweden today.


An anthology of the future of healthcare in Sweden was launched today! Our founder Sofia Svanteson has written a chapter on design thinking as an approach to detect and investigate opportunities for meaningful change in healthcare. An extract from the chapter can be found below. Other fascinating authors include Darja Isaksson, Sara Riggare, Martin Ingvar, Gunhild Stordalen, Fredrika Gullfot, Catharina Barkman, Niklas Ekdal, Hanna Lidström, Anders Lönnberg, Aron Andersson and many more! Get the book here: http://diagnossverige.se/

Final words

We live in a time when computers and machines are increasingly involved in more important and more intimate decisions. The skills of the machines and their actions in different situations are controlled by those who have created them. We need to ask ourselves who these creators are and what goals they have. In order to make the technology more civilized and less threatening, we need to include social and humanistic values ​​in the development work of the services to be used in healthcare. This is achieved with a multidisciplinary development team, guided by the design methodology, which focuses on human needs. In the industry, this is determined by a company's vision and strategy and whether management understands what is required to be relevant in the near future. In the public sector, decision-makers need to ensure that the right conditions exist. Those who work in health care today need to be able to take part in the multidisciplinary teams, they need time and compensation to be continuously involved in learning, developing, evaluating and using the new technology. Experio Lab stands for a meaningful and interesting perspective in Swedish healthcare, which addresses the challenges of care in an integrated way using design methodology. This view needs to spread more quickly, and to more healthcare environments. One way is to change health education so that the new caregivers are prepared for continuous change even before they get out of work. The Swedish care education should be inspired by Sidney Kimmel Medical College in the United States, using design thinking from the beginning of education, focusing on the digitization of care and society at large.

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