QuizRR, our EdTech client since 2014, is being funded by Swedish Norrsken Foundation and American Working Capital Fund


We are thrilled to see that our long-term and much cherished client QuizRR, a Swedish EdTech startup, is being funded by Norrsken Foundation and the Working Capital Fund. We’ve been part of the journey since 2014 when we designed the first MVP of the educational tool, and together with QuizRR we have visited both Bangladesh and China in our design research and usability studies. QuizRR’s vision is decent working conditions and safe workplaces for all employees in global supply chains and with this new funding we hope that they will be able to continue their mighty journey. We have seen them attract partners such as Axfood, Åhlens, H&M, Filippa K, Lindex, Coop, ICA and many more and we believe this is just the beginning…

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