Detectivio & Health Tech Nordic

Vital measures: done safely, quickly and securely

Checking the five vital signs normally involves up to five different tools, used by skin or body contact and registering the results manually. The start-up Detectivio sets out to change that by an AI-fueled hardware/software solution. We worked together to craft communication material, helping to refine their concept and explore application areas to secure further funding.

The vital signs are the basic means when assessing health, determining the level of medical urgency and used in many diagnostic algorithms. The vitals include heart rate (pulse), respiratory rate, body temperature, blood oxygen level (SpO2%) and blood pressure.

Current methods for measuring the vital signs are time-consuming, tie up limited resources and require skin contact and as such bring infection risks amongst patients. These instances are often considered bottlenecks in emergency care departments and can cause extended waiting time, leaving patients at risk. Rapidly identifying the most critically ill in a waiting room is called triage and it is based on measuring the vital signs – patient by patient.

For the in-bed patient at a hospital, the triage measurements are a continuous process. Through Detectivio’s product, the act of taking the measurements could not only be facilitated but as well gathered information could feed into a centralised patient record. So data can be transferred in real-time to the system attached.

Furthermore, a triage based assessments should be the baseline for all medical treatment and a standard in health care centres (vårdcentral) but often are neglected by members of the staff to streamline waiting times and process.

Detectivio is developing technology for contact-free detection and quantification of the most basic and fundamental features of human physiology - the vital signs. Introducing Detectivio’s solution in the emergency departments and beyond would save time, increase patient safety, eliminate transmission of communicable diseases, replace several devices and remove delay related to data recording.

The solution is relevant in all fields of medicine as well as many other application areas such as home care, personal health, pandemic control and work-place-health.

Ocean worked tightly together with Detectivio (and Salhgrenska Science Park) to redefine the problem statement and solutions, as well as explore different application areas to communicate to different funding bodies. The exploration was guided taking on a human-centered perspective from a health care professional as well as patient experience point of view. By visualising the as-is and to-be situation for the emergency room, we created an easy to grasp storyline of what the product could provide. Some renderings and visualisations of impact in the process through value mapping and patient flow helped to envision the impact and outcome of Detectivio’s product in its various contexts.