Experio Lab

Lowering the threshold to seek help

How we designed a service that empowers teenagers to seek help for mental health issues, and reduce stigma by lowering the threshold to make the first contact.

Mental health problems amongst teenagers and young adults have increased drastically during the past ten years. Often, children and adolescents go unnecessary long before seeking help, even when there is support available.

Together with the County Council of Värmland and Experio Lab, Ocean designed and developed Hurmårdu.nu, a web service that makes it easier for young people to seek help when in need of someone to talk to.

Instead of having to find the courage for a phone call, the service assists you to share your concerns and puts you in touch with the Första linjen mental health clinic for young people, who then can set up a meeting. The service also allows you to share your story in advance with the clinic staff, making it easier to start the dialogue.

“Our design team designed the interface with inspiration from communication services that young people are currently using. Rather than filling out a form, we wanted it to feel like you are having a chat, similar to a messaging tool.”

Kajsa Sundeson

Design Strategist

Both staff from Första linjen and teenagers in Karlstad have been involved in the project from the start, to ensure that we designed a service that feels welcoming and trustworthy to use for the teenagers and to make sure that we met the needs of the clinic – as the service introduces a new way of working.

We are happy to announce that Hurmårdu.nu was launched by Första Linjen Karlstad. Young people who have tested the service say it reduces the stigma around seeking help for mental health problems and that it lowers the threshold for getting in touch.