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Combining e-health with biomarkers and genetics for earlier, more accurate rheumatic diagnosis.

Building on our past collaboration, we were invited by Karolinska Institutet to support the research project JPAST, in designing and developing the next generation screening test for rheumatic diagnosis.

By combining the use of e-health, biomarkers and genetics, JPAST aims to drastically improve early diagnosis of rheumatic diseases. The initiative is a collaboration between academia and industry, merging science and industry knowledge with new technology, to enable earlier and more accurate diagnosis for patients.

In 2013 we collaborated with Karolinska Institutet to design and develop Ont i lederna, an online screening to enable earlier diagnosis of rheumatoid arthritis. As part of the JPAST project, the screening is now broadened to include a spectrum of rheumatic diseases, targeting a larger patient group. In addition to the screening tool the project aims to use biomarkers and genetics to accurately diagnose these diseases that otherwise are difficult to differentiate.

JPAST (Joint Pain Assessment Scoring Tool) develops innovative new tools that permit earlier diagnosis of rheumatic and musculoskeletal diseases

On behalf of Karolinska Institutet, in collaboration with Elsa, we designed and developed the web based screening test that should identify individuals with joint pain as a first step towards diagnosis. In the process we interviewed specialist physicians to understand the different disease specific symptoms and what patients often experience as first signs of disease.

In co-creative workshops together with physicians we prototyped the content and structure of the screening to ensure we built a test that is medically correct but still effortless to use. The co-creative process was crucial for both gaining UX insights and for developing the back end algorithm that calculates the test result.

The screening test had to be extremely thorough and medically correct, but also effortless to use. When anything wasn’t relevant, in the design, the language, or the artwork, we knew it had to go.


Interaction designer

The test is first to be used in a clinical setting before being released to the public, starting off at Karolinska Institutet in 2019. As part of the EIT project including several universities, the test will be made available in Swedish, English, German and Dutch.

JPAST - Joint Pain Assessment Scoring Tool

The JPAST project tests and develops innovative new tools that permit earlier diagnosis of Rheumatic and Musculoskeletal Diseases (RMDs) – with the ultimate goal of bringing those tools to market.


The EIT Health Innovation Project JPAST is jointly led by Karolinska Institutet and Thermo Fisher, which provides both deep scientific knowledge and industrial and business development experience. Validation partners include clinicians and leading scientists/clinicians at Leiden University, University of Birmingham, Uppsala University and Friedrich-Alexander-Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg.