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When was the last time you checked your cholesterol?

Digitizing healthcare – service design that guides to diagnosis and contributes to research.

For some people, their high cholesterol is inherited, which increases the risk of suffering from both heart attack and stroke at a young age. These are events that can be prevented with the right treatment, and the way to be proactive is to get tested. Ocean helped the patient advocacy group FH Sweden and specialists physicians to create the FH-test, an online service to increase detection of the serious, but still quite unknown disease, familial hypercholesterolemia (FH).


45 000

individuals are estimated to have FH in Sweden today. Only 5% are diagnosed.

The service gives clear and easy guidance on how to contact a specialist clinic if needed. Users can choose to donate their data from the test. The data will be used in future research into FH, contributing to a better understanding about the disease.

Our design and development team collaborated closely with the specialist physicians to create an intuitive and educational test that is build on research data. The vision for 2020 set by The National Board of Health and Welfare is that 80% of affected individuals are identified, diagnosed and treated. The service continuously contributes to reaching that vision.


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“In an ideal world, it’s the doctor’s task to find patients with inherited high cholesterol, but sometimes I think we need to collaborate to achieve good results.”

Lennart Nilsson