Making Sweden more open

As a newcomer with limited networks, it can be challenging to find employment in Sweden, even with education and past working experience. Together with our client Axfoundation we designed a matchmaking service that supports newcomers to Sweden in expanding their professional networks as well as the platform for similar meeting services.

Axfoundation realized the importance of human meetings to connect people and help solve integration challenges. As such they set out to gather various meeting services on one platform, but soon realized that no solution existed for professional meetings. Together with Axfoundation we set out to create such a service.

“Nobody has been so good at understanding the user, and us as a customer like Ocean! With their strategic know-how and user-friendliness, they helped us build a great service.”

Amelie Silfverstolpe

Program Director at Axfoundation

Creating a real understanding for people’s needs and behaviour by immersing ourselves into their situation is one of our most important tools when creating a new service. Based on the insights gathered in user interviews and empathy maps we could carry out workshops with both participant groups and together craft a service concept. Through iterative prototyping we gained insights that enabled us to design the user experience to meet the needs of both user groups—newcomers as well as established Swedes. These insights were key in creating a successful service that contributes to making Sweden more open.


of highly educated foreign born identify the lack of contacts as the biggest obstacle of establishing in Sweden

The service connects newcomers with established professionals in Sweden, who are willing to help by sharing their experience and contacts. Guided by the service, the participants meet in a face-to-face meeting, where new contacts are mediated with the goal of eventually leading to employment. The service lives together with other meeting services on the platform Öppna Dörren, which we also designed.


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people met through ÖppnaDörren’s services during the last two years